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Asociacion Japonesa Argentina - Kendo Dojo

Australian Kendo Directory

Australian Kendo Federation-new site

Austrian Kendo Association

All Belgium Kendo Federation

British Kendo Association

Bulgarian Kendo Association

Canadian Kendo Federation

Czech Kendo Federation

Djakarta Kendo Club, Indonesia Kendo Federation

Danish Kendo Federation (DKF)

European Kendo Federation

Finnish Kendo Association (FKA)

Kendo Federation

Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg (SKL)

German Kendo Directory

German University Club Links

Guatemala Kendo Association

Hungarian Kendo Federation

Italian Kendo Federation

Hawaii Kendo Federation

Hong Kong Kendo Association

All Japan Kendo Federation

Mexican Kendo Federation/La Federacion Mexicana de Kendo (FMK)

Nederlandse Kendo Renmei

Portugese Kendo Association

Russian Kendo Federation 
(Russian & English language)

Russian Kendo Federation-Siberian Branch
 (Russian language)

Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in Russia Kendo Federation
(Russian language)
    City of Nalchik

Singapore Kendo Club

Southern Africa Kendo Federation (SAKF)

Swedish Budofederation, Kendosection (SBK)

Sektion Kendo + Iaido, Swiss Judo Federation (SKI)

Yugoslavia Kendo, Kendo Saveza Jugoslavije


University Clubs

University at Buffalo Kendo Club

Carleton College

Dartmouth Kendo Club.

Koushinkan Kendo Dojo at Yale University

Indiana University Kendo Club (IUKC)

University of Kentucky

Michigan State University

McGill University Kendo Club

University of Michigan

University of Washington Kendo Club

University of Texas Kendo Association

University of Wollongong Kendo Club

University of Tokyo Kendo Team

Melbourne University Kendo Club

University of Virginia Kendo Club

Washington University Kendo Club

William & Mary Kendo Club

University of Waterloo Kendo Club

University of Toronto Kendo Club

University of Victoria Kendo Club

German University Club Links



Kendo World Magazine
An excellent Kendo periodical entirely in English.

Furyu Magazine
A journal of classical Japanese Martial Arts.

Koryu Books .com
Classical Martial Arts Resource.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts
Historical and cultural aspects of Asian martial arts.



This is Kendo
by Junzo Sasamori, Gordon Warner.

By Eiji Yoshikawa. The life and adventures of Miyamoto Musashi.

Looking at a Far Mountain: by Paul Budden A Study of Kendo Kata (Tuttle Martial Arts)

The Shambhala Guide to Kendo: by Minoru Kiyota: An Essential Introduction to the Principles and Practice of the Japanese Art of Swordsmanship.

Kendo: Its Philosophy, History and Means to Personal Growth
by Minoru Kiyota

On-Line Resources

Furyu Online
An online budo journal of classical martial arts.

The Iaido Journal
Online Martial Arts articles dealing.

Make your own Bokken
Got some extra time on your hands?

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