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Note: The addresses provided here are physical locations of dojo.
Email or phone the designated dojo contact to get the mailing address.
    Rocky Mountain Budokan
   3301 W Hampden Ave Unit J [see map]
   Englewood,    CO    80110

   Tu, Th 7-8:30p (kendo)
   Sa 11-12:30p (kendo)
   Tu, Th 6-7p (iaido)
   Sa 10-11a (iaido)
   Hideki Iwakabe
    (303) 781-5334
    Castle Rock Iaido & Kendo
   185 Caprice Ct #5 [see map]
   Castle Rock,    CO    80109

   Th 7-9p (iaido)
   F 7-9p (kendo)
   Sean Hannon
   Monica Iwakabe
   University of Nebraska
   Lincoln,    NE    68588

   M, W 6-7p (kendo)
   Sa 9-10a (kendo)
   Dr. Richard Schmidt
    (402) 471-1158
    New Mexico Kendo Kai
   North Domingo Baca Community Center
   7521 Carmel Ave NE
   Albuquerque,    NM    87113

   W 6:30-8p (kendo)
   Davis Begay
      Manzano Mesa Community Center
   501 Elizabeth St SE
   Albuquerque,    NM    87123

   F 6-8p (kendo)
      Davis Begay
    Zen Bu Kan
   749 South 300 West [see map]
   Salt Lake City,    UT    84101

   Sa 3:30-5:30p (kendo)
   Sa 1:30-3:15p (iaido)
   Dick Beckstead
    (801) 566-8450
    Cheyenne Budokan
   4702 Wright Court [see map]
   Cheyenne,    WY    82001

   M, W 7-8:30p (kendo)
   Tu, Th 6:30-8p (iaido)
   Scott Tullis
    (307) 634-9415
    Lincoln Budokan
   601 Calvet St [see map]
   Nebraska,    NE    68502

   W 7 - 8:30p (kendo)
   Brad Holmes
   Kristin Holmes
    University of Colorado Kendo Club
   Carlson Gym [see map]
   CU Recreation Center
   Boulder,    CO    CO

   W 7 - 9p (kendo)
   Fall/Spring Semesters
   Michael Holmes

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