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Federation Information Spreadsheets


Do you have a correction to one of the Member Federation or Dojo Listing pages?

If so, let the regional federation president know. They will then follow the procedures detailed below to make the update.

Information Submission Procedure

The spreadsheets below contain the latest information used to generate dojo information for this web site. To make changes for your federation, first download the latest copy using the appropriate link below, edit the file, and email the updated file to Please also note that changes must be submitted only by the designated federation representative. This person would normally be the federation president unless the president has designated someone else for this task.

The information submitted may be corrected for minor errors such as spelling or typos before being published on the web site. This corrected version of the spreadsheet will also be placed here, so be sure to download the latest spreadsheet before making more changes.

To update the Member Federations page, the federation president (or their designated representative) should email the update request to including the following information, as appropriate: president's name, mailing address, and email address, as well as the federation's website url.

Federation Dojo Information Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets containing dojo information for each member federation can be found here:

Spreadsheet Data Format

The dojo data spreadsheet is maintained in Excel 2000 format (xls) and is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Excel, as well as the free programs Libre Office, Open Office, and Google Docs.

Within each spreadsheet, the data are arranged so that the information for one dojo is on a single row. Blank rows are ignored. Within each cell in the spreadsheet, do not use a <return>. Each cell should contain only a single line of text.

In each row, the columns should be filled in as described below. While only the first 3 items are required, we encourage all dojo to supply as much information as possible to allow visitors and potential new kenshi to contact you. All address information supplied should be for the physical location of the practice site to allow kenshi to find your dojo.

For the special case where a dojo has several practice locations, add additional rows immediately following the main entry row, but omit (leave blank) the name of the dojo.

To remove a dojo entry, delete the row completely or make the entire row blank. To add a new dojo entry, add a new row and fill in the information (including additional rows if the dojo has more than one location).

For questions regarding the spreadsheets, email:

Information Field Comment Example
Federation This should be the same for the entire file. SCKF
State State postal code (2-letter abbreviation) CA
Dojo Name* Leave blank for second location for the previous dojo Downtown Kendo Dojo
Web Page URL (leave off "http://")
Addr1 First line of address Downtown YMCA Gym
Addr2 Second line of address 123 Main St.
City   Los Angeles
Contact #1 Name Info for the primary contact person... Glen Miyashiro
Contact #1 Phone   213-555-1212
Contact #1 Email
Contact #2 Name Info for the secondary contact person... John Doe
Contact #2 Phone 310-555-1212
Contact #2 Email
Practice 1 Practice schedule line 1... M,W 7-9:30pm
Practice 2 Practice schedule line 2 if needed... F,Sa 7:30-10:30pm
Practice 3 Su 8-10am (yudansha only)
Practice 4
Practice 5
Google Map Link Leave blank unless the location doesn't correctly appear on Google maps using the supplied address.
Update Note For your own use (e.g. date of last update)

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