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AUSKF Summer Camp
San Jose
Fri-Sun, 8/29-31/08

For details see information packet (pdf). Excerpts:
  • instructors: two sensei from Japan:
    • Taizan Shimano sensei
      Kendo Hanshi 8th Dan
      Former Kendo Chief Instructor, Osaka Police Department
    • Tanetoshi Terachi sensei
      Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan
      Kendo Instructor, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
  • fees: seminar $50, lunch $10 each day, party $30
  • schedule:
    • Fri:  5/29 5pm check in, 6-7:30pm godo keiko
    • Sat: 5/30 8am check in, 9am seminar and keiko, 7pm party
    • Sun: 5/31 9am seminar and keiko, 2pm kodansha promotion exam
  • locations:
    • Fri:  San Jose Buddhist Church
    • Sat: Buchser Jr High School, Santa Clara
      party: Super Buffet Chinese Restaurant, San Jose
    • Sun: Buchser Jr High School
  • hotel: Wyndham Hotels and Resorts (deadline 7/29/08)
  • application forms (microsoft word):



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